About Us


                                                               LOU BERCAIL became a hotel in the 1960s under the initiative of Fernande and Charles Sibuet. With Photo - Vignettesucceeding generations, it has flourished with elegance and refinement, winning a fifth star in August 2012 and finding its true place as a jewel of the French hotel sector.

Nothing, from décor to services, has been left to chance as we wish to offer our guests a unique experience. Our aim is simple – to make your stay in Megève a memorable experience, one where well-being is a top priority.

On arrival, why not simply savour your room or suite’s gorgeous décor. All are furnished in a gently romantic style, and offer an elegant yet cosy ambiance along with five-star service.

Enjoy a memorable break in the mountains and snuggle down in front of the fireplace in the bar or enjoy a meal in one of our two restaurants. Our first restaurant, Le Traditionnel, serves sophisticated, gourmet cuisine. The second, L’Alpage, serves a variety of Savoy specialities.